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Full Professor in Applied Mechanics and Data Analysis

Enschede, The Netherlands

Your challenge


As a Professor of Applied Mechanics at the UT, you will develop a leading role in initiating, coordinating and executing novel scientific data analysis methods and approaches in the field of applied mechanics. Together with the other Professors of our department of Mechanics of Solids, Surfaces and Systems (MS3), you will be responsible for managing the department.


Department of Mechanics of Solids, Surfaces and Sy

Manufacturing the Future

Working with globally leading research and technology institutes – such as the ThermoPlastic composites Research Center and the Fraunhofer Project Center - the mission of MS3 is Manufacturing the Future. MS3 develops the technology for future manufacturing processes and new products by a science based engineering approach focused on material and system behavior, combined with robust optimization. “Creating new and better materials and products as well as the machinery required to make these products” is the focus of the MS3 department. This requires a profound scientific understanding of the materials and their interactions throughout the complete life cycle: during production, during use and after service life. The mechanics of materials and systems, for small and large deformations, in quasi-static and dynamic conditions, provide the background for our operations.


Based on our mission and focus, the research themes defined within MS3 are:

-         Material behaviour

-         System behaviour

-         Robust optimization

New sensing technologies enable detailed monitoring of manufacturing processes and products during prolonged periods of time. This results in massive amounts of data that need to be analyzed efficiently. Good understanding of the underlying physics, i.e. applied mechanics in particular, provides the best basis in this context. Current research within MS3 uses the results of these data analyses for e.g. the design & control of the manufacturing process or to schedule condition based maintenance.


Faculty of  Engineering Technology:

Working with industry and the public sector to conduct relevant applicable research

Our scientists are recognized worldwide for their high quality and innovative research and teaching qualities. They develop knowledge to find answers for inter-disciplinary and societally relevant problems by means of an engineering and entrepreneurial attitude. The research objectives of the faculty are to generate fundamental knowledge, to translate this knowledge into solutions for multidisciplinary technical problems and to disseminate this knowledge to our students and to the professional field. Within this context, the faculty focuses on the integrated value chain. The industrial and societal relevance of the research is secured by close collaboration with industry and the public sector.

In our education we aim to educate the engineers of the future to become T-shaped professionals who are able to acquire new knowledge themselves, able to apply this knowledge in a meaningful way and able to create innovative solutions for the new and complex challenges of industry and society. We do this through student-driven learning and project-led education, and by training students in the three different roles that they can adopt, i.e. Researcher, Designer or Organizer.  


The University of Twente is a leading international player and the go-to institute in the Netherlands in the growing field of Intelligent Manufacturing Systems. We believe that the real key to mature those systems, lies in merging research areas. Our cross-disciplinary way of thinking and working enables us to contribute to entirely new concepts and production ecosystems. UT researchers are among those leading the way towards a new manufacturing era.

Our university excels in a number of domains and underlying scientific disciplines that are essential for further growth in this area:

- production technology
- supply chains
- business models

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University of Twente: High tech Human touch

We believe technology and people have a leading role to play in providing solutions for these complex societal challenges worldwide. Central to our vision is our High Tech Human Touch philosophy, in which we fuse natural science, data-science, biology and engineering with social and behavioural science while maintaining a relentless focus on societal impact. With this unique cross-disciplinary approach and excellence in scientific disciplines, our scientists, teachers and students work every day on these global challenges:

·         Improving healthcare by personalized technologies

·         Creating intelligent manufacturing systems

·         Shaping our world with smart materials

·         Engineering our digital society

·         Engineering for a resilient world


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Your profile


You are a dedicated professional, ready and capable to create links between your own research area, the different chairs within the department of MS3 and the multi-disciplinary context at the University of Twente.

You hold a University Teaching Qualification (UTQ) for Dutch Universities (or you are willing to obtain this in the first years of your assignment) and you are eager to innovate your education and develop your teaching competences continuously.

Your research topic is within the field of applied mechanics with affinity towards data analysis that fits within the department of MS3 of the faculty of Engineering Technology.

You are, demonstrable, an excellent researcher and you have a clear vision on future development of the field.

You have a passion for teaching and for developing education that foster student-learning.

You are enthusiastic about playing an active role in supervising BSc, MSc, PDEng and PhD students.

Your communication skills in English are excellent.

Your colleagues

Boukje de Gooier


"Working in the faculty of Engineering Technology allows me to combine state-of-the-art technologies to solve today’s problems in industry."

Remko Akkerman

Professor Production Technology

"The atmosphere of constructive collaboration in our faculty makes it an environment I enjoy working in."

Debbie Zimmerman van Woesik

Secretarie Applied Mechanics

"The trust in what you are doing and contact with students and colleagues from different cultures makes working in the Applied Mechanics Group enjoyable."

Why choose us?


We offer you a full time tenured position as professor with a competitive salary and excellent benefits

We offer you an international work environment, with colleagues from many different countries all over the world.

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our University.

Employment conditions:

- excellent research facilities

- extra's such as an 8,3% end-of-year bonus and 8% holiday allowance

- a solid pension scheme

- possibilities to save up holidays for sabbatical leave

- minimum of 29 holidays and additional 12 holidays in case of full-time employment

- professional and personal development programs

- a family friendly institution, offering support for dual hiring

The University of Diversity


The University of Twente embraces and encourages diversity in many forms. UT strives to create an inclusive community that fosters an open and supportive research, education, valorization and working environment. We are working to improve diversity, inclusion and equity within our community.

A balanced representation of women in senior academic positions at UT is key to gender diversity and inclusion. 

Our ultimate goal is to make UT a diverse and inclusive organization, where quality is paramount. We have instituted the prestigious Hypatia Chairs to underscore the importance of diversity and inclusion.

The  Hypatia Chairs have been introduced to increase the number of female talent in academic top positions.

To read more about the diversity at UT follow this link:


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