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Referral program

let your whole company be a part of the recruitment processes

  • Quality
    of hire

    People from your own company are already connected to the best potential candidates.

  • Employee

    Employees are now proud to present their work in a fun and an attractive way - their way.

  • Happy

    Decrease employee turnover by hiring people who have a better understanding of the job.

  • Simple

    Get involved. With a simple click you can share Hippo Page through many social channels.

It is estimated that 25% to 40% of the new employees can be recruited through a good referral campaign.

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Now it's good to know what the results are of all the efforts

HippoPage ensures that all clicks, views and registrations are clearly arranged and immediately available to check.

Participating employees receive a weekly e-mail with the current status. In this way they can see the status of the applicants and how they perform compared to their colleagues.

Recruiters can see how the referrals convert. In this way the referral program can be further optimized.

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11.5 million Dutch people use WhatsApp, of which 8.3 million daily.

In addition, messages on WhatsApp are almost always read. The HippoPage can easily be linked to your WhatsApp file. This allows you to share job vacancies within your own network, in a targeted manner.

HippoPage offers the possibility to apply for the relevant vacancy at the touch of a button. Therefore, the applicants will be automatically redirected to the company's careers site.

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