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Check out our Basic Plan.
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Basic Hippo Page enables you to create a basic version of your landing page.
By using only one credit you can create a great attraction tool for your open vacancy.

You will be able to create your modern job description using following standard section layouts:

  • Text
  • Picture
  • Text/Picture
  • Picture/Text
  • List with icons
  • Bullet point list
  • Colleagues
  • Quick fact numbers

Your page will always start with an opening media picture and the content order is up to you. You can use unlimited amount of sections listed above.

basic plan


Powerful yet intuitive

Basic is not enough for you?
Check our Advanced Plan
to unlock the possibilities.

hippo point Advanced

If you feel a bit limited by the basic version, you can always upgrade and use our premium sections, which gives you more freedom for your creative mind.

Premium version enables you to also use your company videos, both in the opening media and in the content of you page.

In Premium Hippo Pages, you can mix all the section types, thanks to half and half screen setting, for example half of the page will be a picture and half of the page will be bullet point list.

premium pages


Fits like a glove

More complex project?
Request our Tailor-made Plan
and we will build it for you.

hippo point Tailor-made

Do you have a special idea to make your job description even more attractive or you need a page, which would promote more than one position? Or maybe you do not have time or idea how to present the position and create it by yourself?

Then you can order our Tailor-made Hippo Page.

We will do an intake with you, consult your needs and we will create such pages for you, which you will receive for the final approvals.

With Tailor-made Hippo Pages you are not limited by certain section layouts and you can add more subpages. Bigger projects need more care and we are here to help you achieve your desired product. Contact us to discuss your possibilities.

tailor-made pages


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